Beginner horseback riding tips.

December 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

An equestrian for many years, Elizabeth Goodwin enjoys any opportunity to ride a horse. And while she may no longer be a beginner rider, Elizabeth Goodwin understands the many obstacles one hopes to overcome as a newcomer to the sport. The following tips contain helpful information for individuals just entering the magnificent world of horseback riding.

1. Do not approach your horse directly from in front or behind as they have blind spots in these areas. Instead, approach your horse from the side, preferably near their shoulder, as he or she will be unable to kick you.

2. Always be aware that your horse could kick at any time and without warning. Considering this, stay alert and on your feet whenever you are near your horse.

3. Consider a mounting block to assist you in mounting your horse. This block puts less strain on the horse and makes it easier for you to get up. Also remember to approach from the left side to mount your horse.

4. Once you have mounted your horse, hold the reigns in both hands with a firm, yet comfortable grip.

5. Keep in mind that you should look where you want to go, rather than downward. This will allow for better steering and the avoidance of obstacles and unexpected changes in your path.

6. Remember to keep your heels down at all times. Retaining a firm heel-plant in your stirrups gives you braking power and incredible control when your horse stops suddenly.

7. Work with your horse rather than against him or her. Feel the movement of the horse and allow your hips and body to move naturally.



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