About Elizabeth Goodwin

With nearly two decades of professional experience in biology, genetics, and scientific communication, Elizabeth Goodwin started her professional career as an assistant professor for Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. While at Northwestern, Elizabeth Goodwin managed an independent research lab in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, for which she raised outside funding. Elizabeth Goodwin led classes for medical students in histology, the study of cell and tissue anatomy, and biochemistry, the study of chemical processes in living organisms. Her graduate students studied genetics and molecular biology. Prior to her appointment at Northwestern, Elizabeth Goodwin studied Biochemistry at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. During her junior year, Elizabeth Goodwin studied abroad at the University of Exeter in Great Britain. After graduating with her B.A. in Biochemistry the year after she returned to the United States, Elizabeth Goodwin remained at Smith College to attain her M.A. in Biochemistry. Moving to Waltham, Massachusetts, she attended Brandeis University for the next seven years and graduated with her Ph.D. in Biology. While Elizabeth Goodwin’s background mostly includes teaching and research positions, her most recent job title was Senior Manager of Scientific Communications for Sepracor Inc., a research-based pharmaceutical company. Elizabeth Goodwin’s passion for writing served her well in this role, as she was in charge of developing and implementing scientific communications plans for the company. She wrote manuscripts, developed a three-year publication plan for some of the company’s drugs, and presented data at the International Scientific Congress. Elizabeth Goodwin received praise for her strong work ethic and impressive writing skills. Finally, Elizabeth Goodwin has published approximately 25 and co-authored more than 30 manuscripts. She is an expert in analyzing and interpreting data from clinical trials, and Elizabeth Goodwin has extensive training with the software program Datavision. Her experience in the scientific field has spanned from a career as a student, to a teacher, to a scientific communications expert, and she currently resides in Massachusetts.


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