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March 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

By Elizabeth Goodwin

I have experience as a researcher and professor at the Department of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin and at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and I currently work as the Senior Manager of Scientific Communications at Sepracor Inc. As a longtime medical communications professional, I am a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA).

AMWA was established in 1948 as an outgrowth of the Mississippi Valley Medical Editors’ Association, which was founded 8 years earlier. Today, AMWA has more than 5,000 members throughout the world who hold positions at universities, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and hospitals. In addition, many AMWA members are freelance writers and editors, and membership is open to students.

One valuable aspect of AMWA is its emphasis on continuing education through highly tailored workshops and chapter conferences. Featuring more than 100 educational offerings, the 3-day annual AMWA conference is a particularly rich source of professional development. AMWA also offers a wide range of on-site workshops aimed at enhancing the skills of corporate employees.

Many AMWA courses count as credits that are applicable to certificate programs. Considered an integral part of professional training, AMWA certification is required by many medical writing employers. Certificate programs include the core Essential Skills and four specialty certificates: Composition and Publication; Regulatory and Research; Business; and Concepts in Science and Medicine. Each certificate requires the successful completion of eight specialty-related workshops.

AMWA also offers members job services and resources through an online database that matches freelance jobs and salaried positions with medical writing job seekers. To get involved with the American Medical Writers Association, visit the organization online at


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