Ride for the Ribbon: An Overview By Elizabeth Goodwin

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Held annually, Ride for the Ribbon was started by Nancy G. Grinker, who promised her sister, Susan Komen, that she would work tirelessly to help find a cure for breast cancer after Susan lost her life to the disease at the age of 36. Originally named Komen for the Cure, the charitable cause now known as Ride for the Ribbon originated in 1982 and spearheaded a global movement toward the end of breast cancer.

In the 29 years since Ride for the Ribbon’s founding, thousands of participants, donors, and activists have made the event the largest grassroots conglomerate of breast cancer survivors in the world. Every participant involved in Ride for the Ribbon works toward ending breast cancer by spreading information about the disease, by providing the highest quality of care for those suffering from it, and by pushing the medical and science communities to continue working for a cure.

Various communities around the globe run and organize their own branches of Ride for the Ribbon. In 2001, several citizens of Massachusetts banded together and initiated the organization’s Massachusetts affiliate, holding numerous fundraisers and keeping over 75 percent of the net income in Massachusetts to help local survivors and patients.

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