Windrush Farm: An Overview By Elizabeth Goodwin

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Channeling the therapeutic bond that exists between people and animals, Windrush Farm welcomes clients dealing with assorted ailments to ride its horses in a serene and scenic environment. Known as one of the first therapeutic riding centers in the United States, Windrush Farm receives acclaim from family and parents of Windrush patients, whose time spent on horseback never fails to brighten their day.

Founded in 1964, Windrush Farm is staffed by several professionals who work with horses to keep them calm and suitable for human riders. Windrush Farm staff members and volunteers alike groom and train the team of horses, helping them act as gifted methods of therapeutic healing.

A service largely executed by educators, Windrush Farm offers programs tailored to each client’s personal setbacks and goals. Through equine-assisted programs, the Windrush team also draws on its education background to incorporate learning experience into each activity. The center’s techniques have established it as a facility second to none in achieving results and one that operates on a level rarely seen at many peer-therapy centers.

Despite the accolades it has received, Windrush Farm prefers to judge its success according to the success of its clients. To learn more about the facility, please visit

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